Charity fund

Charitable fund “BRALIUKAI” is founded on purpose to attach financial resources for the popularization of basketball. 5-years mission of the fund is to promote physical and mental health of society, solidarity of twinned nations – Latvian and Lithuanian, with a help of basketball.

Fund does not have character of profit acquisition and basically it will act in Latvia and Lithuania. In order to develop the activity, the fund will address for support to state and public organizations, merchants and patrons. Popular journalists, sportsmen, managers of sport, trainers, as well as other well-known personalities will be involved in the work of fund.

One of the most important principles of the operation of fund is its transparency. In section FUND of the homepage You can find the current goals of fund, section SUPPORTERS – the persons and companies which have helped us, section ‘beginning – shows how many finances have been collected for each goal of the fund, but in section EVENTS we will give account for spent money.

Birži boarding-elementary school

Preciously the name of Birži boarding-elementary school was Birži boarding-school. Orphans and children of parents who have been killed in a war or died in Siberia were sent to this school. Currently such type of school still has essential place in the education of children. More – the competition is so high that it is not possible to enrol all children who must learn there. Famous people have also graduated this school.

So pupils mainly come from families where the memories from the childhood do not relate to colourful picture-book, toys or lullabies, but with the talks, abusive words and nudges of parents or strange uncles and hunger.

Each child in Birži elementary school is provided with the pair of skis, ball, sports-wear and foot-wear. In Birži there is the best sports ground of school in Jekabpils region where many regional and wider range competitions take place. With the help of action “No sirds uz sirdi” (“From heart to heart”) different type of humanitarian aid is sent to Birži – children are well dressed, class-rooms and premises of boarding-school are light and comfortable.

"We grew up in Birži boarding-school. We want to thanks the school and its teachers for the upbringing, especially to the teacher of sports Māris Jaudzems. Māris not only brought to the maturity our muscles, but also taught to us life wisdom. Later y the teacher brought us to Murjāni sports school. There was large competition, but he believed in our abilities and we entered the school. This event changed our live, gave new direction to it and the sense of life.

Māris Jaudzems is teacher of sports with the length of service for 35 years. He is one of the first pupils of Birži boarding-school. Due to his high sense of duty Māris Jaudzems gave the great investment in the foundation of stable traditions of sports. He was one of the most active teachers of sports in the region. He is glad that former pupils came to him and are grateful for sport hardening which help in the work and life.

Colleges characterize Māris as rich in the imagination organizer of sports-life in the region. Generous, active and honest. Māris himself acknowledges that  for most pupils secondary education acquired in Birži school had been spurt for the further self-made life. Recently Māris Jaudzems went on well-earned pensioned rest and now he can devote all the time to his family, bringing up his grandchildren.

Goal forwarded by the fund is to provide Birži boarding-elementary school with 10 basketball balls in the amount of 300 euros, to award former teacher of school Māris Jaudzems for lifelong contribution in physical and mental education of children in the amount of 1000 euros and to organize regional basketball tournament called in the name of Māris Jaudzems, allocating 2200 euros for its organization. In total - 3500 euros."

Nauris un Normunds Macius

Goal 3500 €