Charity fund

Charitable fund “BRALIUKAI” is founded on purpose to attach financial resources for the popularization of basketball. 5-years mission of the fund is to promote physical and mental health of society, solidarity of twinned nations – Latvian and Lithuanian, with a help of basketball.

Fund does not have character of profit acquisition and basically it will act in Latvia and Lithuania. In order to develop the activity, the fund will address for support to state and public organizations, merchants and patrons. Popular journalists, sportsmen, managers of sport, trainers, as well as other well-known personalities will be involved in the work of fund.

One of the most important principles of the operation of fund is its transparency. In section FUND of the homepage You can find the current goals of fund, section SUPPORTERS – the persons and companies which have helped us, section ‘beginning – shows how many finances have been collected for each goal of the fund, but in section EVENTS we will give account for spent money.

Broadcast "Basketball world"

This year the broadcast “World of basketball” (in Lithuanian - “Krepšina Pasaulye”) celebrates its 22 anniversary. This broadcast is loved and watched by Lithuanians all over the world – from little children to aged men. Conductor of the broadcast  Vidas Mačiulis is Lithuanian TV journalist, publicist and editor. Vidas is loved man in the society of Lithuania. His friends ranged from the priest till the president of State.

Award in journalistic has been conferred to Vidas for his work within his life. Vidas is direct, up-fronted and very honest. That is the way how he refers to basketball players, never has written about negations and he has great sense of humour. Many people treat him as the best Lithuanian basketball journalist in the world.

"Recently malefactors raided the studio of the popular broadcast “World of basketball” of Vidas Mačiulis, which caused great losses. It disturbs him to do his favourite job which gives benefit to all basketball fans in Lithuania and all over the world.

The goal forwarded by the fund is new, professional video-camera for the work of Vidas Mačiulis in the amount of 6 000 euros. We and society of Lithuania wants to see new and qualitative broadcasts about basketball. This step will be great testimony of respect to the lifelong work of this excellent journalist."

Nauris and Normunds Macius

Goal 6000 €