Normunds un Nauris Macius

Brothers. Basketball. Brotherhood.

"Even the bear is afraid of two brothers."
saying of Ossetians 

Normunds Macius

Normunds Macius

Thanks to mother and father
that we live in this world!

Nauris Macius

Nauris Macius

Thanks to God for
what we are!

We are twin brothers, Normunds and Nauris Macius. The life turned out that we grew up in Birži boarding-school. In spite of our hard childhood, we have learned to keep positive attitude in all situations of life.

Great source of inspiration in childhood and up to this moment for us was and still is the basketball and especially rooting for the team Kaunas "Žalgiris". Birži boarding-school was located not far from the boarder of Lithuania and secretly by different methods we managed to detect games of Kaunas “Žalgiris” in black-and-white TV. We grew up together with this team and always will be with it.

Kaunas "Žalgiris" and basketball is the main source of energy of our life. We want to thanks those fans with whom we had and will have the honour to be by the side of Kaunas "Žalgiris". But now it is the time when we want to give investment for the team not only by means of rooting.

How the Fund was created

After bad incident when in the result of our action the penalty in the amount of 25 000 euros was imposed to our favourite basketball team Kaunas "Žalgiris", our only thought was how and how soon to repay it. The idea of the foundation of fund which would help to collect the necessary amount seemed the most real for us.

Upon starting the work on the formation of fund we understood that we can do much more and that we also need to help the other people who are closed to us. During the process it turned out that the fund is a great opportunity to popularize our brand BRALIUKAI. Besides the accidental author of the brand is our friend, journalist Vidas Mačiulis, who used to call us so jokingly.

The strength for the realization of those goals we obtain from the huge support in Latvia and Lithuania as well as from our compatriots all over the world – USA, Great Britain, Uruguay, Venezuela, etc. We will continue to do things which are close to our hearts.

We want to thanks our friends for invested work which had helped to realize our apparently unreal idea. Good works never can be too much. All together we can achieve large goals.